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Cheap Car Hire Budapest

Hungary is a wonderful place to hire a car and explore all the sights, so why not check out our fantastic prices. We compare the rates from all the leading suppliers and offer you the best deal. No matter what you preference is, we have a large selection of cars that come with manual or automatic gears so we are sure to have a car for you. See how much you can save by requesting a quote through our booking engine. There is no obligation and it secure and easy to use.

For anyone who has a car, it is well worth seeing several of the nearby towns and cities. On the top of many tourists list are the cities of Budapest, Tatabánya and Székesfehérvár. We can recommend visiting Budapest. The city itself has many things to see and do, so put this on top of your list. It is situated around 2.0 km (1.2 miles) from Budapest, so it will take approximately 5 minutes if there is no traffic. To go and visit Tatabánya will take you 45 minutes in the car.
Pilisvörösvár, Szentendre, Szigetmonostor, Piliscsaba, Veresegyház and Pilisszentkereszt could also be worth a visit if you want to get into to the culture.

Town/CityDistanceDriving TimeUseful Website
Budapest5 km/ 3 miles5 minutesBudapest on Wikipedia
Tatabánya60 km/ 37 miles45 minutesTatabánya on Wikipedia
Székesfehérvár75 km/ 47 miles55 minutesSzékesfehérvár on Wikipedia
Pilisvörösvár20 km/ 12 miles20 minutesPilisvörösvár on Wikipedia
Szentendre20 km/ 12 miles20 minutesSzentendre on Wikipedia
Szigetmonostor25 km/ 16 miles22 minutesSzigetmonostor on Wikipedia
Piliscsaba25 km/ 16 miles24 minutesPiliscsaba on Wikipedia

There are many nearby attractions with a 30 minute drive of Budapest. One of the most popular things to see nearby are the Valley. There are actually 27 nearby with the most popular being Mézes-völgy, Pátyi-völgy, Vérti-völgy, Kék-kúti-völgy, Császár-völgy and Burgundia-völgy. There are also several exemplary Lakes including Lake Velence (Velencei-tó), Nagy-tó, Garancsi-tó, Halas Tó, Bogárzó-tó and Sós-tó.

A full list of the most popular attractions can be seen below, but you will find locally the Castle of Buda Castle and Füri Zichy-kastély, the Parks of Városliget, the Nature Reserve of Masan Védett Terület, the Monument of Eötvös-emlékmű, the Opera House of Hungarian State Opera House and the Square of Vörösmarty tér.

AttractionAmountTop 3 within 50 Kilometers
Valley27Mézes-völgy, Pátyi-völgy and Vérti-völgy
Lakes24Lake Velence (Velencei-tó), Nagy-tó and Garancsi-tó
Church's4St. Stephen's Basilica, Kürti katolikus templom and Cigléd
Castle2Buda Castle and Füri Zichy-kastély
Nature Reserve1Masan Védett Terület
Opera House1Hungarian State Opera House
Square1Vörösmarty tér

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