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Cheap Car Hire Thessaloniki

At booking a rental car is not complicated or stressful. We do all the complex work so reserving a car with us is simple. We have vehicles that will meet all your requirements, whether you travelling around Greece for business purposed or just a holiday. The price we show is the price you pay. All our rates are fully inclusive with collision damage waiver, theft waiver, insurance and 3rd party liability protection. There are no credit card fees and you also get unlimited mileage.

After hiring a car you can go and explore some of the nearby places. The most visited places include Thessaloniki (Thessaloníki), Kilkis (Kilkís), Polygyros (Polýgyros), Katerini (Kateríni), Gevgelija (Гевгелија) and Serres (Sérres). We highly recommend seeing Thessaloniki. With a population of over 354,000 it is quite large so there are plenty of things to see when you arrive. You will have to travel around 4.0 km (2.5 miles) from Thessaloniki, so you can expect a driving time of 7 minutes if you use the main roads. Kilkis is also worth a visit if you have time to spare.
For your information, the towns and cities of Ágios Pávlos, Pylaía, Péfka, Kalamaria (Kalamariá), Políchni and Stavroúpolis are also close by.

Town/CityDistanceDriving TimeUseful Website
Thessaloniki (Thessaloníki)5 km/ 3 miles7 minutesThessaloníki on Wikipedia
Kilkis (Kilkís)50 km/ 31 miles40 minutesKilkís on Wikipedia
Polygyros (Polýgyros)60 km/ 37 miles45 minutesPolýgyros on Wikipedia
Katerini (Kateríni)65 km/ 40 miles50 minutesKateríni on Wikipedia
Gevgelija (Гевгелија)85 km/ 53 miles1 hourГевгелија on Wikipedia
Serres (Sérres)85 km/ 53 miles1 hour 5 minutesSérres on Wikipedia
Ágios Pávlos5 km/ 3 miles5 minutesÁgios Pávlos on Wikipedia
Pylaía5 km/ 3 miles6 minutesPylaía on Wikipedia
Péfka5 km/ 3 miles10 minutesPéfka on Wikipedia
Kalamaria (Kalamariá)5 km/ 3 miles10 minutesKalamariá on Wikipedia

If you are travelling to Thessaloniki for your holiday then you will not be short of things to do and see. Thessaloniki boasts a number of Church's, including Ágios Dimítrios, Ágia Sofía, Ágios Trýfon, Ágios Konstantinós, Ágios Sïylanos and Ágios Sotír. Many Lakes can also be found within a close drive. There are the Límni Koróneia, Límni Vólvi, Pikrolímni, Límni Karí, Límni Mavróvou and Límni Lántzas.

AttractionAmountTop 3 within 50 Kilometers
Church's8Ágios Dimítrios, Ágia Sofía and Ágios Trýfon
Lakes6Límni Koróneia, Límni Vólvi and Pikrolímni
Parks1Agios Prodromos

Near Thessaloniki