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Cheap Car Hire Skiathos

If you are interested in see all the attractions around Skiathos and nearby cities then hiring a car is the cheapest and most convenient method. We have a number of vehicles in stock for Skiathos and they all come with either a manual or automatic gearbox depending on your preference. Our rates have no hidden costs or extra charges. Included free in all our quotes is unlimited mileage so you drive around Greece as far as you wish.

For anyone who has a car, it is well worth seeing several of the nearby towns and cities. On the top of many tourists list are the cities of Volos (Vólos). Volos is the closest major place to Skiathos. With a population of over 84,000 it is quite large so there are plenty of things to see when you arrive. It will take around 45 minutes driving time if there is no traffic.
If you want to see somewhere different, then the towns of Promírion, Tríkeri, Miléai, Istiaía, Patitírion and Mourésion could be worth a visit.

Town/CityDistanceDriving TimeUseful Website
Volos (Vólos)60 km/ 37 miles45 minutesVólos on Wikipedia
Promírion20 km/ 12 miles20 minutesPromírion on Wikipedia
Tríkeri40 km/ 25 miles35 minutesTríkeri on Wikipedia
Miléai40 km/ 25 miles35 minutesMiléai on Wikipedia
Istiaía40 km/ 25 miles35 minutesIstiaía on Wikipedia

In and around Skiathos you will find many attractions and things to see or do. One of the most popular things to see nearby are the Lakes. There are actually 2 nearby with the most popular being Vromolímni and Límni Voïviḯs. The most outstanding Ruins close is the Palaiá Palaiokeraséa.

AttractionAmountTop 3 within 50 Kilometers
Lakes2Vromolímni and Límni Voïviḯs
Ruins1Palaiá Palaiokeraséa

Near Skiathos

Skiathos Port (1.4 km)
Skopelos (21.1 km)
Alonnisos (35.5 km)
Volos Port (50.7 km)
Volos (51.3 km)
Volos Airport (62.1 km)