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Cheap Car Hire Lesvos Airport

No matter if you want to explore Greece and its culture or just get around the town, you will find no better method than hiring a car. We at make this simple and cost effective to matter what the reason. We have hundreds of cars available to choose from such as the BMW 3 series, Citroen C1, Citroen C6, Mercedes Vito, Peugeot 307, Renault Clio and Renault Laguna, so for business and pleasure we have a suitable car for everyone. All our quotes come with unlimited mileage so you can drive around Greece as much as you like! They also come fully inclusive with collision damage waiver, insurance, theft waiver and 3rd party liability insurance.

For anyone who has a car, it is well worth seeing several of the nearby towns and cities. On the top of many tourists list are the cities of Mytilíni and Magnesia ad Sipylum (Manisa). is the closest major place to Lesvos Airport. You will find several interesting places to see, even though it is a relatively small town. It is situated around 8 km (5.2 miles) from Lesvos Airport, so it will take approximately 12 minutes if there is no traffic. To get the Magnesia ad Sipylum will take you 1 hour 15 minutes.
Agiásos, Plomárion, Polichnítos, Mantamádos, Foça and Míthymna could also be worth a visit if you want to get into to the culture.

Town/CityDistanceDriving TimeUseful Website
Mytilíni10 km/ 6 miles12 minutesMytilíni on Wikipedia
Magnesia ad Sipylum (Manisa)105 km/ 65 miles1 hour 15 minutesManisa on Wikipedia
Agiásos25 km/ 16 miles22 minutesAgiásos on Wikipedia
Plomárion25 km/ 16 miles24 minutesPlomárion on Wikipedia
Polichnítos45 km/ 28 miles35 minutesPolichnítos on Wikipedia
Mantamádos45 km/ 28 miles35 minutesMantamádos on Wikipedia

Within a 30 drive of Lesvos Airport you will find many attractions. One of the most popular things to see nearby are the Lakes. There are actually 1 nearby with the most popular being Tuz Gölü. If you are interested in Church's then you won’t be disappointed as Ekklisía Agíou Isídorou is located only a short drive away.

AttractionAmountTop 3 within 50 Kilometers
Lakes1Tuz Gölü
Church's1Ekklisía Agíou Isídorou
Dam1Güzelhisar Barajı

Near Lesvos Airport

Mytilini Port (5.8 km)
Mytilini (6.0 km)
Lesvos (6.0 km)
Lesvos Port (6.0 km)
Ayvalik Almira (30.0 km)
Lesvos Petra (46.9 km)
Lesvos Molyvos (49.9 km)
Skala Eresou (58.1 km)
Lesvos Eressos (58.6 km)