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Cheap Car Hire Crete Airport Heraklion

Greece is a wonderful place to hire a car and explore all the sights, so why not check out our fantastic prices. We compare the rates from all the leading suppliers and offer you the best deal. We cater for all kinds of vehicles whether you are looking for an off-roader to go through rough terrain or looking for a convertible to enjoy the suns hire. You will find the vehicle you are looking for. All our rates come fully inclusive with collision damage waiver, insurance, theft waiver and 3rd party liability insurance. There is also unlimited mileage on all our cars so you can drive around Greece as much as you like!

After hiring a car you can go and explore some of the nearby places. The most visited places include Heraklion (Irákleion), Agios Nikolaos (Ágios Nikólaos) and Rethymno (Réthymnon). For anyone who visits this area, Heraklion is a must see place. The city itself has many things to see and do, so put this on top of your list. You will have to travel around 4.0 km (2.5 miles) from Crete Airport Heraklion, so you can expect a driving time of 8 minutes if you use the main roads. To go and visit Agios Nikolaos will take you 45 minutes in the car.
For your information, the towns and cities of Kóxari, Krousón, Stalida (Stalís), Mália, Anógeia and Zonianá are also close by.

Town/CityDistanceDriving TimeUseful Website
Heraklion (Irákleion)5 km/ 3 miles8 minutesIrákleion on Wikipedia
Agios Nikolaos (Ágios Nikólaos)60 km/ 37 miles45 minutesÁgios Nikólaos on Wikipedia
Rethymno (Réthymnon)75 km/ 47 miles1 hourRéthymnon on Wikipedia
Kóxari15 km/ 9 miles16 minutesKóxari on Wikipedia
Krousón25 km/ 16 miles24 minutesKrousón on Wikipedia
Stalida (Stalís)30 km/ 19 miles24 minutesStalís on Wikipedia
Mália30 km/ 19 miles30 minutesMália on Wikipedia

If you are travelling to Crete Airport Heraklion for your holiday then you will not be short of things to do and see. Crete Airport Heraklion boasts a number of Ruins, including Gortyn (Górtys), Phaistos (Faistós) and Agía Triáda. You will also find the Ancient Site of Knossos (Knosós) and Lató Etéra are nearby too.

A full list of the most popular attractions can be seen below, but you will find locally the Lakes of Pramiana, the Nature Reserve of Psiloritis Natural Park and the Church's of Panagia Ligiotissa.

AttractionAmountTop 3 within 50 Kilometers
Ruins3Gortyn (Górtys), Phaistos (Faistós) and Agía Triáda
Ancient Site2Knossos (Knosós) and Lató Etéra
Palace2Knossos Palace and Achillion Palace
Nature Reserve1Psiloritis Natural Park
Church's1Panagia Ligiotissa

Near Crete Airport Heraklion

Heraklion (1.5 km)
Hersonissos (26.9 km)
Sissi (31.3 km)
Elounde (50.5 km)
Crete Plaka (50.5 km)
Crete Rethymno (62.9 km)