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Car Hire Marseille Train station

Marseille is a cosmopolitan Provencal Town South of the France and is located only 3 hours by TGV from Paris. Marseille is the first port of France and the fourth European port. The city was designated European capital of Culture in 2013. Founded around the year 600 b.c. by Greek sailors, the Marseille city has more than 26 centuries of history. Many museums and a rich natural heritage including the Calanques of Marseille are to be discovered by tourists. Especially don't miss to explore the old Port and the typical district of the basket. Rent a car if it will facilitate your travel.

The port of Marseille and the bouillabaisse

Marseille, because of its port, is the ideal place to buy wonderful seafood. Marseille's most famous seafood dish is the bouillabaisse, renowned throughout the world and is worth its reputation. The two main varieties offered in local restaurants are the bouillabaisse of the Ravi and the fisherman's bouillabaisse. Delighted, the most complete and including six different types of fish, is certainly a hearty meal. The bouillabaisse of peach, perhaps because of its name, is smaller and lighter, with three types of fish.

Marseille SOAP, economic device

You have surely heard about the Marseille SOAP. This SOAP is an ecological and biodegradable product that contains no chemical. With this exceptional purity of Marseille SOAP is hypoallergenic. The history of Marseille SOAP is intimately linked to that of his city, his industry was one of the major factors of economic development of the city for several centuries.

Destination for car at the airport in Marseille

Marseille Airport serves more than 30 international destinations and more than 5 million passengers per year. The destination for car at the airport will let you explore the French Mediterranean coast to the approximately of Marseille. Alternatively, if you make a reservation of car destination with us, you can take possession of the vehicle with several points of collection through the centre of Marseille. Also enjoy a discount up to 10% on our destination cars.

Near Marseille Train Station