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Cheap Car Hire Chile

Low cost car rental in Chile - The Chile stretches along the southwestern Coast of Latin America and is located on the Pacific Ocean. This is a very particular shape is broad indeed: little more than 200 km long and over the same distance 4300km, between Edinburgh and Baghdad. The Chile has therefore a latitudinal ranging from tropical to subarctic zone and this implies a difference of remarkable landscapes from North to South, you pass in by dense green forests to white mountain ranges, from the sea to the desert. For all these miles and the very essence of Chile, you will then need a rental car provided by Specialty Rent a Car.

The discovery of Chile with a car

With your car rental in Chile you can visit places really evocative, well that will remain etched in your memory. To the North lies the Atacama desert, one of the most arid in the world. Also in this area we recommend that you do not miss the death Valley and the Valley of the Moon, where from the top of a dune you can enjoy a beautiful sunset. Continuing with your car rental South do not miss a visit to the port city of Valparaiso, where "La Sebastiana", Pablo Neruda House Museum. Southern Chile is rich in lakes, including Chungarà, the world's tallest non-navigable. The Chilean capital, Santiago, is situated in the Centre of the country and is home of the most important Chilean cultural heritage institutions. Book your cheap car rental in Chile.

Information on car rental in Chile

By booking a rental car in Chile, you can go also in neighboring Argentina. The passage in Argentina must be previously indicated at time of booking. For any questions regarding your car rental in Chile, we are at your disposal every day toll-free 0800 333 8877.

Popular Destinations in Chile